Antique Cars

legance and classics, authenticity and luxury, nostalgia and style: unique, legendary, iconic cars of old, winners of best motor shows and toughest races, heartbreakers, dreams unattainable of entire generations, the history of the automobile age embodied in metal.


The world of old things, real treasures of bygone times: items of furniture, paintings, books, weapons, sculptures, bronze articles, chinaware, drawings, graphics, military antiques, vintage clothes, and accessories.


Collector’s, radio-controlled, collapsible scale models of old and modern cars alike. Ship, avia, railroad modeling. Battle dioramas, small arms copies. Lots of pleasure for adults and children alike. Something more than a hobby – a world of creativity and great discoveries.


Contemporary masters’ works inspired by the motor and technical retro theme. Solo exhibitions of eminent car photographers. Art galleries, design studios.

Luxury and Style

The visitors are especially fond of luxury companies’ expositions for old car collectors do not shun other passions and pastimes: elite liquors, cigars, golf, haute couture, exclusive real estate and insurance services, private banking, interior and landscape design solutions saturate Old-Timer Gallery.

Motor Souvenirs

Souvenirs, mechanic toys, motorsport regalia, rare postcards, photographs, posters, time trodden plates, collector’s items, motorsport trailblazers’ clothes and personal belongings. A unique flea market typical of any similar event in Europe and the USA.

Supercars and Tuning

Prestigious and exclusive cars, eccentric and aggressive shapes, powerful sport engines, tuning, accessories, not-like-the-Joneses and not-for-the-Smiths cars.


Finished and semi-finished works by prominent restoration studios, an opportunity to get a piece of expert advice, to place a restoration order of any degree of difficulty or to just marvel at the old-timers “guts”.

Motor Mechanics

Modern technology in car restoration and repairs. Engine, body restoration, wooden parts replacement, cabin tailoring, coating, original car parts, replica-parts manufacturing, restoration materials, current repairs and diagnostics, autocosmetics, tools and professional literature. All these things are indispensible for restoring a retro car to its former glory and splendour.

Historical Expositions

The past and future of legendary brands, engineering evolution, a unique opportunity to feel the pulse of progress and watch every stage of the evolution – decade after decade – from ancient museum anachronisms to mind-blowing concept cars of the future.

Museums and Clubs

Classic car owners’ clubs, museums and private collections, and organizers of historic rally races, festivals and meetings are the most creative participants of the exhibition. Their vivid, whole-heartedly and imaginatively created, eye-catching expositions leave no one unmoved.


A parallel mechanized universe, a beautiful world of fantasy where mechanics dominate human lives instead of electricity, bronze instead of plastic, riveting instead of welding, dirigibles instead of plains, steam instead of internal combustion. This universe is inhabited by oblivious romantics who watch exotic movies, listen to strange music, and equip themselves with odd things.