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The XXVI Oldtimer-Gallery Show will be held on 7-11 March 2018 at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre.

This unique exhibition of antiquarian and veteran motor cars is for sure, as always, to attract intent attention of the press and will become a notable event in cultural life of the Moscow city. Participating in the Show is one of the most effective way of investing advertising budget of your company, as it allows to embrace in just several days your target audience, that is normally embraced in months by other advertising and marketing means.
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Feedback from participants

“I came by plane, by myself to meet some Russian collectors and some Russian dealers and I was here last time in 2002 when this exhibition was rather small and I’m very surprised and delighted how big it has grown and how beautiful it’s now. I can tell, within 3 years the exhibition has grown threefold and so many people now here.”
Eberhard Thiesen

“I love cars, I was born playing with cars, truly. Now I'm playing already in big cars!”
Mark Hyman

“Your exhibits, precious cars of the XXth century, are similar to the trip to the history of technologies. «Oldtimer-Gallery» attendees will get an unforgettable impression from the exhibition and innovators’ inventions of the past and engineers and automobile constructors, encouraged with the ideas after visiting the exhibition, will probably make their own contribution into car development.”
Karl-Ulrich Herrmann