Press release

Traditional, the 25th «Oldtimer Gallery» Vintage Motorcars and Antiques Show took place at the «Sokolniky» Cultural and Exhibition Center in Moscow on March 4-8 this year. It gathered in its three halls most rare and expensive cars, released since the beginning of the XX century till nowadays.

Special exposition, devoted to the 95th anniversary of the Kremlin Garage, chief automobile department of the country, founded in January, 1921 proved a great draw. «Oldtimer Gallery» visitors had had a unique chance to see at one place all cars serving for the last hundred years leaders of our country, including those as Nicholas II, Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Medvedev and Putin. Standing in thematic order, ZIS and ZIL limos turned out to be a real «Russia's XX century history text-book», while attending the Show Kremlin Garage veterans made this history live with their reminiscences and fascinating stories.

Modern presidential train with Mercedes-Benz Pullman limo as the main car, convoyed by the motorbike escort standing in a strict perfect «battle order», was demonstrated to the public for the first time at this Show. Visitors were able to examine carefully and with no hurry vehicles, which normally just rush by at high speed in everyday life.

Special stand was devoted to other solemn occasion – the 60th anniversary of the Honorable Motorbike Escort. Besides all the types of the motorbikes, ever enlisted in the staff, three formerly secret rotor engine prototypes were demonstrated to the public for the first time at the Show too.

Every day, one could see in the Show main hall public performances by the special guards company of the Kremlin President's regiment, demonstrating field manual and rifle exercises. Officers' 1881 fashion shako, SKS-45 carbines, Guard sentinels' accurate and verified movements, the «Grom Pobedy» («Sound stronger you, Thunder of Victory!») honorable march and other military music by the Presidential orchestra – all this, the classics of the Russian ceremonial of the highest level could be seen & heard at the Show too.

Among the sound «Oldtimer Gallery» debuts should be mentioned items, as follow:

- the unique aesthetic pleasure was ensured for the visitors by six cars from the sadly-known «Bayon's Collection», which spent half a century in barns at an estate in the West of France and turned into a picturesque rust; anyway, it seemed that spirits of their former owners still live in those «Panhards» and «Talbos».

- a historical exposition of the Volvo models included the most rare P1900 Sport roadster, build in just 67 copies; one could see full line of all the Swedish brand's sport cars models, and it also had been a demonstration of skills by Russian restorers, as all the racing motors had been restored in this country.

- showing a chassis of the first Soviet NAMI-1 minicar, issued in 1930 was a real sensation, as it was one of the most rare early models by domestic automotive industry; only two copies of NAMI-1 were previously know,that was the third one discovered.

- a huge and majestic Mercedes-Benz 770K W07 cabrio of 1935 issue year, attracted crowds of enthusiasts, and there was no surprise, as it had once been the most powerful and the biggest «Mercedes» of the time.

Next, the 27th «Oldtimer Gallery» Vintage Motorcars and Antiques Show will be held on 7-11 March 2018. Interested are welcomed!